Unpaid carers benefit from reduced Highlife Highland membership scheme

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The value of exercise in improving mental health is well known and as unpaid carers often have increased demands on their physical and mental health, this scheme is proving very popular with 30 unpaid carers joining the scheme in the first six months.


To access the scheme unpaid carers in the Highlife Highland area need a letter of confirmation from Connecting Carers. 

To qualify a carer should be a member of the Connecting Carers network and have a completed Carer Support Plan, identifying that they are caring for in excess of 35 hours per week, but they do not claim Carers Allowance, Connecting Carers can provide them with a letter of confirmation. 

Carers can then take the letter to a HighLife Highland facility that will issue a membership card and the carer will also receive a budget access card.  This entitles unpaid carers who are members of the scheme to access all HighLife Highland swimming pools, gyms and fitness classes for 50p per session.


Date : 05 September