Challenge Poverty Week... Day 4

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Action called for on work and jobs


The key here is to invest in green jobs and decent work.

Policy Asks


Here are some things governments can act upon in the world of employment to help alleviate poverty

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government should use its local taxation powers to encourage a shift towards fair work practices. For example, it could: 

Introduce a levy on low-pay employers, and deliver a Fair Work bonus for employers adhering to fair work practices. 
The Scottish Government could scale up the ambition of the Scottish Youth Guarantee, including:  

Ensure that all jobs created through the scheme pay at least the real Living Wage, and that employers involved in it adhere to fair work practices 

Ensure that it tackles occupational segregation and provides flexible working. 

UK Government
The UK Government should increase the National Living Wage in line with a set adequacy standard that keeps pace with the cost of living and average incomes.

Date : 08 October