March 2017

Carers Cafe Open for Business

A brand new cafe where carers can gain respite for a couple of hours opened in Inverness today.

The More About Carers (MACs) cafe based at the Mackenzie Centre provides an ideal platform for those who care for a love one to relax, meet fellow carers and take some time to focus on themselves.  The cafe is the result of work carried out by NHS Highland, Connecting Carers, the Mackenzie Centre and received support from the Highland Third Sector Interface, Macleod and MacCallum and Tesco.

Benefit Take-up Campaign

The first phase of a Benefits Take-up Campaign was launched on 7 March. 

The campaign will raise awareness of social security and encourage people across Scotland to seek advice on what they might be entitled to in terms of the full range of current UK benefits.  The campaign will run with radio clips and press advertorials across local platforms.

Help shape the future of social security

At least 2,000 people with direct personal experience of the current social security system are being recruited to help shape Scotland’s new system.
Experience Panels made up of people from across the country who use the current system will give their views on the design of Scotland’s new system and how to build and refine a better model.

Healthy Arguing?

You may find that the extra costs associated with caring are causing you money worries and this may put a strain on your relationships with your partner, family and friends. If you’ve never dealt with financial struggles, or argued about money before, this may be new territory for you.

The Carers Trust have put together a relationship guide for carers includes loads top tips about how to maintain healthy relationships.