Respite Care Funding - do you qualify?
If you are considering applying for some respite care funding please think about the following and if you are in any doubt, or need more information please get in touch.
  • The fund is designed to help carers attend a family event, leisure or educational activity, Connecting Carers hosted event or training that would otherwise be difficult to attend.
  • The cared for person must already have a care package in place with a recognised provider.
  • The carer needs to have a Connecting Carers Carer Support Plan (CSP) in place and be registered on our network.
  •  The carer must be caring for a minimum of 35 hour per week.
  • Both the carer and carer for person must live in Highland, although not necessarily at the same address.
  • Carers can apply to the fund twice in any financial year (providing funds are available).
  • The maximum amount of respite available in each application is 8 hours.
  • Connecting Carers need a minimum of 1 months’ notice of the planned activity to carry out the relevant admin.
Another consideration is that the responsibility of booking the respite support hours lies with the carer so you would be responsible for organise this part of the respite care.

Application Form