Need a break - Funding for Short Breaks & Wee Treats

Carers tell us that getting a break from caring can make a real difference, giving them a chance to have some time to themselves. Not everyone can take a conventional break, and that for some the traditional short break is not always the best option for them or the person they care for.
Carers can apply for Short Break funding, 'Time 2 Be' or 'Wee Treat' Grant or can find out more information on other grants that may be available such as the Caroline Thomson Legacy Fund.

What is 'Time 2 Be'?
Time 2 Be is a grant award aimed at ensuring carers have the opportunity to access a short break, time when carers can recharge their batteries and catch their breath!

Time 2 Be is about having the chance to plan a break or a way of getting some timeout from a caring role. The Time 2 Be allows carers to create a break that works for your particular needs and circumstances.   It may be a few hours to pursue a hobby or activity, catch up with friends, have a spa break or relax doing something you enjoy.

Wee Treat Grant
If you can’t get away or plan a bigger break, you can access a Wee Treat grant. It is a smaller grant of up to £30 for you to plan a Wee Treat for yourself. It’s quick and simple.   Carers have used it for things such as: a new haircut, a massage, a take away meal, craft equipment, running shoes, a theatre show, cinema tickets, afternoon tea with an old friend.

Respite (Short Break) Funds - a break from caring
Respite means a carer and the person they care for are supported to have a valuable break from the normal routine and demands of their caring situation.  These short breaks are an essential part of the overall support that carers need.  You can find out about how to access Respite Funding here

Caroline Thomson Legacy Fund
The fund is designed to help unpaid carers access up to £300 for personal development in the form of an educational activity, training or to develop new skills that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. It is also for those whose caring situation is in crisis and a short break is essential.

How does it all work?
Any carer in Highland can apply via Connecting Carers and a local Carer Link Worker can help you apply.

A carer can apply for up to £300 towards the cost of a break.The grant can be awarded to cover the whole cost of a break, or to contribute to part of the cost of a break. 

MFR Support with School Clothing
MFR are offering support for families who don't qualify for the local authority grant to help with school clothing. They are currently in a position to accept applications to help with school clothing with each child child entitled to £35 worth of items. To submit an application please go to

Other Funding
Depending on the condition of the person you care for, there are some other specific funds we can direct you towards, please contact Connecting Carers on 01463 723560 or email us.