Information Pack – What you should know
Being informed can make a carer’s life so much easier and Connecting Carers has a wealth of information available.

What good is information to me?

Being informed about what you are entitled to, who might be able to provide it and where to go when you need more information is very important.  Being as informed as possible about the condition of the person you care for can also be hugely beneficial.

Connecting Carers can provide you with a comprehensive Information Pack, which contains all the essential information you need when carrying out a caring role, as well as information about things that may be relevant in the future as your caring role continues.  Our Information Pack is up to date and will ensure you have the best starting point with clear, concise information.

Download the Carers Guide Booklet
or you can get in touch with the Carer Centre on 01463 723575 to request a printed copy.